Frequently Asked Questions

part time maid faqsWe know that choosing a part time maid for your house is a process that requires some thought, and so we are here to help you make your decision! Below are some of the frequently asked questions from our clients.


Where are your cleaners from?

Our cleaners are Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Rest assured that we do a thorough check with ICA on the validity of their legal work status before we deploy them on a job. Clients are also welcome to view the cleaner’s identification documents on the first session.


Do I have to provide my own equipment?

We prefer clients to provide their own cleaning equipment, mainly for hygiene purposes. Most people don’t want a mop that has mopped 20 other bathrooms to be mopping their floor! If you don’t have equipment, we are more than happy to provide an equipment list that you can use to quickly shop for all of your home cleaning needs.

If you do want us to provide equipment, we charge $20/session to bring down our own equipment. This extra surcharge covers mostly transportation costs since we will have to travel via taxi with a bunch of mops, pails and cleaning solutions.


Can I change my scheduled timings on weeks I’m busy?

Absolutely! We are happy to accomodate you if you can’t make a scheduled timing one week. Just let us know 3 days in advance and we’ll make the necessary arrangements with your part time maid. If you are going abroad and will not require cleaning, we are also more than happy to put your sessions on hold at no additional cost to you.


Any hidden costs or contractual obligations?

None at all. While part time maid agencies charge an agency fee which averages $300, for us you pay only the hourly rate and nothing else. There is also no obligation to engage us for a minimum duration. Start whenever you want, and once you feel like you no longer need help cleaning, you can stop anytime!


How are you different from part time maid agencies?

Part time maid agencies are as their name suggests – an agent. They advertise for your business on one hand while advertising for workers on the other. When your call comes in, they connect you with a worker, take their agency fee and their job is done (unless you are unhappy with your cleaner and then they help you find a new one). The cleaners are not related to the agency, and once the connection is made you will have to deal with the cleaner yourself.

On the other hand, we operate on a company model. The cleaners are our contractors and their quality of service reflects on our company. Our relationship with you doesn’t just end once we pair you up with a cleaner. We are here with you every step of the way for as long as you stay with us. We provide cleaning advice to the cleaners to continually upgrade and enhance their efficiency. We get feedback from our clients monthly to better understand their cleaning needs and develop cleaning solutions. If you run into any issues, you can rest assured that we will be here for you.


How do you ensure quality?

Quality assurance for us begins on the first cleaning session. For your first session, we will send down both a cleaner and a supervisor to ensure that the cleaner can handle your cleaning needs and to help with the transition. Subsequently, we ask you for feedback every month (or you can shoot us a email anytime) about your cleaning so we can iteratively improve on the way we clean your home. From experience, we know that no two cleaning assigments are the same, because people have different preferences. Some clients are very particular about the toilet, others the dusting of furnitures, and yet others the shine of the stovetop. Through a continual feedback loop with you, we aim to personalize each cleaning to your needs.


It’s the scheduled time, why isn’t your maid here yet?

As our workers rely on public transport to get around, they are subject to traffic conditions and fluctuations in bus schedules. As such, they might be a little earlier or later by up to 15 minutes. This is especially true if it is her first time cleaning your apartment. Just as friends and family sometimes have trouble finding our place for house parties, our cleaners get lost sometimes too and we hope you can understand!


Can I always have two cleaners come down?

Sometimes, if we have spare manpower, we will send two cleaners down to one cleaning assignment to bring greater convenience to our customers since that allows us to finish in half the time. However, this is not something we guarantee and is an added bonus for you. As such, please always be prepared that we might only have one cleaner come down!

The exception is that for assignments 6 hours and above, we accept and will honor requests for 2 cleaners. This is because cleaners get tired too, and having them work 6 hours would mean much slower work towards the end, and we want to guarantee value for money for our clients. Thus in these cases we send down 2 cleaners.