Overview of Marine Parade neighborhood

Marine Parade is a residential estate and planning area based in Singapore’s Central Region. It straddles the tip of Pulau Ujong’s southeastern coast and serves as the buffer between Singapore’s East and Central Region. It is bordered with Singapore Straits in the south, Marina East in the southwest, Bedok in the northeast, Kallang in the northwest, and Geylang in the north. It is currently divided into five subzones, including Mountbatten, Marine Parade, Marina East, Katong, and East Coast.

Marine Parade is associated with the history of wealthy Peranakan communities in Singapore with many features of the Straights Chinese culture. This region is home to a unique architectural style and the wellknown Katong Laksa dish. These days, it mainly consists of many housing flats alongside the southernmost parts of the estate.

Just like other towns in the country, Marine Parade is served by the town center. It contains many main commercial complex and neighborhood shops. Currently, there are 4 primary schools and 7 secondary schools in the region. This planning area will be served by the MRT network when a station is opened at the Thomson-East Line in 2023.

Types of housing in Marine Parade

Marine Parade is a densely populate planning area with many types of housing:

– HDB flats

Most of the land in Marine Parade is allocated for HDB projects. This is the main type of housing with 68 blocks located around the area. These buildings are bisected by the Still Road South which gives access to East Coast Parkway, the main highway to Changi Airport and the central area. These flats are subsidized by the government so that most working-class peoples or even graduate students can afford them. Just like other areas, they are also constructed with many facilities and services to cater to the needs of local residents.

– Private condominiums

Private condominiums are also quite popular in this planning area. These are typically groups of different buildings which are designed and constructed in a confined area. While there are many services and facilities for the local residents, the purchasing or renting prices are also extremely high mainly because of their ideal location near central districts. That’s why most of the residents in these areas are high-income Singaporeans and expats.

– Landed properties

There are not so many landed houses in Marine Parade. You can find a few private projects situated in the north of the area with different types such as bungalows, detached houses, or terrace house. They are often designed with one to three stories with integrated yards, pools, or gardens. Both central location and advanced services make it is extremely expensive to own these areas. But the owners can enjoy the ultimate rights and privacy, which are quite different from HDB flats and condominiums.

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