Overview of Sembawang neighborhood

Sembawang is a residential town and planning area based in Singapore’s North Region. It shares the same border with Johor Straits in the north, Woodlands in the west, Yishun in the southeast, Mandai in the south, and Simpang in the east. Currently, the area is divided into 9 different subzones, including The Wharves, Senoko South, Senoko North, Sembawang Straits, Sembawang Springs, Sembawang North, Sembawang East, Sembawang Central, and Admiralty.

In spite of the relatively large growth in its New Town, this area still remains suburban, with recreational, industrial, and military facilities at the periphery. Sembawang is also home to port facilities and a main naval base, which handles regular shipping traffic in the country. Just like other planning areas, there are also many common communal facilities in this region, including the Sembawang MRT station, bus interchange, 5 primary schools, 2 secondary schools, 3 shopping centers, and a public library.

The Sembawang Park is a notable destination in the area. With 15 hectares of space, it includes a natural forest and beach, which is ideal for city dwellers and campers. There is also a variety of flora and fauna which are native to the country.

Types of housing in Sembawang

The housing market in Sembawang is highly developed with a large population of up to 76,500 people. Basically, there are three main types of house in this region, including:

– Public housing

Just like other matured planning areas, Sembawang is mostly dominated by a vast number of HDB buildings. These projects are subsidized by the government to ensure local people from all walks of life can rent or purchase without breaking the budget. There are many types of flats, ranging from 2 rooms to 5 rooms, making them ideal options for multiple-generation families or singles.

– Condominiums

Also known as condos, this type of housing is suitable for those middle-income couples or families who want more freedom than living in public housing. Most condominiums often come at higher prices. However, they are equipped with sufficient services and facilities to cater the residents, such as supermarkets, schools, restaurants, securities, or gyms.

– Private landed housing

There are also many landed properties in Sembawang. Most of the residents in these areas are wealthy people or expats who can afford an exorbitant land price. Some common types of private houses include cluster, terraced, semi-detached, and bungalows. What makes these houses different from public housings and condominiums is that the owners can build or add any structures within their property.

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