Overview of the Bukit Panjang neighborhood

Previously known as Zhenghua, Bukit Panjang is a residential town and planning area based in Singapore’s West region. It is bordered by Bukit Batok in the west, Sungei Kadut in the north, Choa Chu Kang in the northwest, Bukit Timah in the south, and Central Water Catchment in the east. The average elevation of the area is 36 meters, with a part of the town is based on a low-lying elongated hill. It covers an area of 8.99 km2, with 2.19 km2 used for residential purposes. As of 2016, there were more than 139,000 residents in the town.

Advanced earthworks and development of Bukit Panjang started in 1981 when the BDB constructed many buildings. Compared to similar planning areas, this town is relatively quiet with some major housing development projects. Currently, there are 3 community centers, including Senja-Cashew, Bukit Panjang, and Zhenghua, which are used for educational, recreational, and entertainment needs of the residents.

Bukit Panjang is close to two major highways in Singapore, the Kranji Expressway and Bukit Timah Expressway. Also, it has a ring road which runs through the neighborhoods. However, the main forms of public transportation in this area are light rail and bus system.

Types of housing in Bukit Panjang

Bukit Panjang consists of a mixture of new and old condominiums as well as blocks of flats. Basically, HDB buildings are still the most popular form in the area, with most of these were constructed a two to three decades ago. Thanks to the subsidy of the government, most people can afford these flats and get access to most basic amenities like supermarkets, malls, food centers, coffee shops, schools, or hospitals. Currently, there are many other public housing projects which are underway to meet the increasing demands in the region.

In addition, there are also many condominiums in Bukit Panjang. Compared to most public housing flats at the same size, they are often more expensive due to the inclusion of many advanced services and facilities. Also, these blocks are typically located near major networks or central areas, making it easier to commute. Landed properties are also available in the town, although the number of projects is quite limited. The main reason is that the area of available land isn’t much and the demand for this type of housing is relatively low in Bukit Panjang.

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