Overview of Clementi neighborhood

Clementi is a residential town and planning area based in the easternmost part of Singapore’s West Region. It is bordered with Jurong East in the west, Queenstown in the east, Bukit Timah in the northeast, and Bukit Batok in the north.

The majority of the area was once occupied by a military installation until it is disbanded in 1975. The New Town was developed from 1975 to 1979 with a range of services and facilities. An iconic landmark in the region is the steel truss railway bridge which crosses Sungei Ulu Pandan. Used to be a section of the Jurong KTMB Railway Line, now it attracts much interest from the public, particularly those who are interested in photography, nature, and history.

The area is served by many bus services and the Clementi MRT Station. There are also a large number of primary schools, secondary schools, and tertiary education institutions in Clementi. The town has a sports hall, a swimming complex, and a stadium with the capacity of up to 4000 people. Clementi is currently divided into 9 different subzones, including West Coast, Toh Tuck, Sunset Way, Pandan, Faber, Clementi Woods, Clementi West, Clementi North, and Clementi Central.

Types of housing in Clementi

– HDB flats

Clementi is mostly dominated by HDB flats in the around the Clementi MRT Station and Commonwealth Avenue West. They often feature 2-room, 3-room, 4-room, or 5-room flats which can accommodate a variety of buyers such as elderly, singles, and families. The area ranges from 36 m2 to 150 m2. Thus buildings are all developed and managed by the HDB to ensure everybody can access them at affordable prices.

– Condominiums

This type of housing is a much more expensive option than HDB flats due to its exclusive facilities and design. These projects are often built and distributed by private developers. With many benefits and high prices, they are often attractive choices for many high-income Singaporeans. In each building, there is always a self-sufficient community which include a variety of services and facilities like schools, supermarkets, hospitals, gyms, or parks.

– Landed properties

There is also a large number of landed properties, particularly in the West of Clementi. These are often bungalows, which are the most luxurious types of housing in Singapore. The total plot sizes can range from 400 m2 up to 1400 m2. The owner will have complete freedom to decide what they can build or include in their property.

Why part time maid servicing is needed in Clementi?

Clementi is one of the most populous planning areas in Singapore with a large number of residential buildings across the region. With an increasing rate of development, more and more residents are getting busy with their daily work, and do not have enough time for cleaning their home. This eventually leads to many serious issues. The simplest solution is to hire an hourly maid service. Here are some reasons why that is a good idea.

The first reason is that every domestic house cleaner is specially trained by experienced companies to make sure that they could handle most of the housework with the best performance. Therefore, they will know where and how to clean your home quickly and effectively, thus ensuring everything will be kept clean and free from dust or bacteria. If you do those cleaning tasks yourselves, chances are you would leave a lot of dirty spaces simply because you can’t do everything like a professional. This will result in many health problems because of harmful bacteria and other elements.

Another reason for hiring an hourly maid service to do these cleaning tasks is to give you more time to focus on your work or enjoy with families and friends. A busy schedule could make it challenging to handle all work at home and office at the same time. Thus, it is much better to leave these boring jobs done by a professional expert who enjoys their job.

Lastly, hiring an hourly house cleaning service is an effective and affordable solution to keep your appliances and furniture last for an extended period. By get rid of dust and mold from these surfaces, the house cleaner can keep these things free of damaging components and prevent normal wear and tear. In the long run, it would save you a lot of money on repairing or replacing.

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