Overview of Geylang neighborhood

Geylang is a township and planning area based on the eastern part of Singapore’s Central Region. It is bordered with Kallang to the west, Toa Payoh and Hougang to the north, Bedok to the east, and Marine Parade to the south. This town is mostly known for its red-light district, especially along the Geylang Road areas. With a total population of approximately 117,000 people, Geylang is one of the most populous planning areas in Singapore. It is currently divided into 5 subzones, including Aljunied, Kampong Ubi, Geylang East, MacPherson, and Kallang Way.

Geylang used to be a business area with a variety of repair workshops, factories, factories, and markets founded by Chinese, Indian, and Malay entrepreneurs. After World War 2, the region is expanded quickly outward with restaurants, hotels, and residential shophouses. Today, Geylang Serai market is one of the largest and busiest wet markets in the country, providing a variety of ingredients and prices for traditional cuisine as well as many Malay and Muslim-Indian dishes.

The area is divided by the Geylang Road into two sections in the south and north. There are eight MRT stations that are operating in Geylang planning area.

Types of housing in Geylang

– HDB flats

HDB refers to public housing which is constructed and managed by the Housing and Development Board or HDB. Most of the residents in Geylang are living in HDB flats, ranging from executive maisonettes with 2-level apartments to studio apartments where the kitchen, bedroom, and living room are all combined into a single one. Inside the flat, there is often a master room, which is the largest space in the property and can be connected to the bathroom. The most important advantage of this housing type is certainly its affordable prices which can meet the budget of most Singaporeans.

– Condominiums

Condominiums or condos is a special term which is used for those housing buildings that are developed by private firms. They often include a variety of services and amenities such as spas, tennis courts, swimming pools, gyms, or 24-hour security. Thus, there will be often a monthly maintenance fee which can be costly for those who are living in HDB flats. Because of these additional features, condominiums are often more expensive than a HDB flat with the same size.

– Landed properties

Due to the limited amount of available land, there are not so many projects of landed properties in Geylang. This is the most luxurious and expensive type of housing in Singapore where most wealthy people live.

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