Overview of Jurong East neighborhood

Jurong East is a residential town and planning area based in Singapore’s West Region. It shares the same border with Selat Jurong in the south, Bukit Batok and Tengah in the north, Clementi in the east, and Boon Lay and Jurong West in the west. It is currently divided into 10 subzones, including Yuhua West, Yuhua East, Toh Guan, Teban Gardens, Penjuru, Crescent, Lakeside, Jurong River, Jurong Port, Jurong Gateway, and International Business Park.

The development of this area began in the 70s mainly due to the resettlement of surrounding villages. These days, this is a densely populated region with approximately 85,000 residents in total, living in an area of 1.65 km2. There is a variety of facilities and amenities to cater to local people om Jurong East, including three primary schools, four secondary schools, a recreation and sports center, five parks, and three tourist attractions, including the Chinese Garden, Snow City, and Science Center.

Jurong East is linked with the remaining parts of Singapore through the Ayer Rajah Expressway and Pan Island Expressway. In addition, there are two MRT stations served in the region, including Chinese Garden and Jurong East.

Types of housing in Jurong East

As a populated planning area, the housing market in Jurong East is fully developed with many types of home:

– HDB properties

HDB flats are those public residential buildings which are developed and regulated by the Singapore Housing Development Board or HDB. These units are typically distributed at subsidized prices to ensure everybody can access. However, they are exclusive to Singapore citizens. Public housing is often open for application during the SBF or BTO sales launches. People must meet a few conditions to be allowed to own these flats. HDB housing can be divided into two to five-room flats, DBSS flats, 3-generation flats, or HUDC flats.

– Private housing

Another type of housing in Jurong East is private property, including bungalows, terrace houses, conversation houses, shop houses, semi-detached houses, and town houses. They often have one, two, or three stories with a yard or garden. Only wealthy people can afford this type of housing. In turn, they can enjoy the ultimate privacy and freedom to design and build their own house.

– Public-private hybrids

For those people who can’t afford a private house, but have more money for an HDB flat, then the public private hybrid can be a good option. These units are quite affordable, quite bring many benefits as landed properties.

Why part time maid servicing is needed in Jurong East?

We are all leading a busy life. Between kids, school, work, and commitments to household chores, we often put these cleaning tasks at the bottom of the priority lists. However, this can leave your home messy and dirty, which eventually reduces the quality of life. Thus, it is necessary to hire an hourly maid service to keep everything clean and fresh. If you are still unsure, here are three reasons to do that:

– Time is gold

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– Professional results

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– Live a healthy life

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