Overview of Pasir Ris neighborhood

Pasir Ris is a residential town and planning area based in Singapore’s East Region. It shares the same border with Paya Lebar and Tampines in the south, Changi in the east, Sengkang in the southwest, Punggol in the west, and North-Eastern Island. It is currently divided into eight subzones, including Pasir Ris West, Pasir Ris West, Pasir Ris Park, Pasir Ris Drive, Pasir Ris Central, Loyang West, Loyang East, and Flora Drive.

Just like other residential areas in Singapore, public transport facilities play an essential role in the development of this region. It can be easily accessible via the MRT Station and bus services. Top
popular landmarks in Pasir Ris include the White Sands mall, Beach Park, and NTUC Resort.

There are a few recreational facilities in the proximity to Pasir Ris such as the Pasir Ris Park and NTUC Downtown East with a bowling alley, theme parks, and chalets. The area is also a part of
Jurong Town’s plan to build fabrication facilities in the country. Currently, there are 2 main wafer fabrication parks in the area. As of 2018, there is a total of 12 education institutions in Pasir Ris,
including seven primary schools, four secondary schools, and 1 college.

Types of housing in Pasir Ris

With a total population of around 140,000 people, Pasir Ris is one of the most populated planning areas in the country. Most of these residents live in three main types of housing:

– HDB flats

Around 80% of residents in Pasir Ris lives in public housing which is constructed and subsidized by a governmental agency named HDB (Housing and Development Board). They come at affordable prices to ensure college graduates, or family with low to medium income can access easily. There are often many facilities and amenities provided in proximity to these buildings such as shopping malls, gyms, schools, or parks. The sizes and shapes of the flats can vary a lot, depending on area and building.

– Condominiums

Condominiums are basically complexes of multiple houses or buildings which are constructed in a confined space. Compared to public housing, this type offers more amenities inside the building such as tennis courts, swimming pools, or 24-hour security. That’s why so many expats and wealthy families choose these flats to live. The prices for renting or purchasing condominiums can vary a lot, based on the size, building’s age, and location.

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