Overview of Paya Lebar neighborhood

Paya Lebar is a planning area based in Singapore’s East Region. It is bordered with Pasir Ris in the north, Bedok in the south, Tampines in the east, Sengkang in the northwest, and Hougang in the west. This used to be a large and swampy area located close to Kallang River, the longest river in the country. It was a notorious and extensive squatter district, whose residents involved in cultivating some market products, including poultry and pig rearing.

Singapore International Airport, also known as Paya Lebar Airport, was constructed in 1955 and became the main landmark in Paya Lebar. In addition, there is a variety of other facilities and
infrastructure to meet the demands of local residents such as factories, schools, and housing estates.

Currently, it is divided into 5 different subzones, including Plab, Paya Lebar West, Paya Lebar North, Paya Lebar East, and Airport Road.

Types of housing in Paya Lebar

Compared to other planning areas, the number of residents in Paya Lebar is quite limited. Thus, housing projects are not so mature in this region. Basically, there are two main types of housing:

– HDB flats

Also known as public housing, this type of home is managed by the Housing and Development Board or HDB. It can be rented out by room or a whole flat, subject to the approval of HDB. In overall, they are subsidized by the government to ensure affordable prices that can be accessed by most working class people. Most flats can have from 1 to 4 rooms or even bigger and can accommodate around 4 to 6 people.

– Private residential properties

Another common type of housing in Paya Lebar is the private property such as condos, landed properties, semi-detached houses, terrace houses, shop houses, bungalows, and more. In general, the
average prices of these units tend to be much more expensive due to the inclusion of many advanced amenities and services. For condominiums, for example, residents can enjoy exclusive parks,
playgrounds, gyms, or coffee shops in their building. The highest tier of housing in Singapore is landed residential properties, which allow homeowners to have complete freedom to do anything they want inside the estate.

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