Overview of Queenstown neighborhood

Queenstown is a satellite residential town and planning area based on the southwestern-most part of Singapore’s Central Region. It is bordered with Clementi in the west and northwest, Bukit Merah in the southeast and east, Tanglin in the northeast, and Bukit Timah in the north. The southwestern-most and southern limits of the area are bounded by the Selat Pandan.

The area was originally developed by Singapore Improvement Trust during the 50s and then by the HDB during the 60s. Queenstown is the first satellite residential town to be constructed in Singapore. Most buildings in the town consist of 1, 2, or 3-room flats, usually walk-up, low-rise blocks.

With a total population of 98,000 residents, Queenstown is one of the most populated planning areas in Singapore. It covers a total area of 20.43 km2, with 2.1 km2 allocating for residents. The town is divided into 16 subzones, including the Port, Pasir Panjang II, Pasir Panjang, Kent Ridge, National University, Dover, Singapore Polytechnic, Buona Vista, Portsdown, Queensway, Mei Chin, Margaret Drive, Tanglin Halt, Commonwealth, Holland Drive, and Ghim Moh. There are up to three bus terminals and eight MRT stations in Queenstown across two lines.

Types of housing in Queenstown

As said earlier, Queenstown is the first satellite residential town in Singapore. Thus, the housing market in the area is fully developed with many types of house.

– Public HDB

Public housing or HDB flats are the most popular options for residents in Queenstown. As they are subsidized and managed by the government, the prices are affordable and can be accessed by the majority of the working-class population. Most of the people live in small two-room or three-room flats. In spite of low prices, the quality of these building are still high and there are many facilities and services to meet the demands of the residents.

– Private housing

For those people who what to enjoy the ultimate freedom and exclusive services, private housing is the best option. These include conversation houses, terrace houses, shop houses, town houses, cluster houses, or bungalows. These are typically one, two, or three-story structure with a large garden or yard. Thus, the prices are extremely high. That’s why these are the options for expats and wealthy couples.

– Public-private hybrids

As the name suggests, this is a combination of public housing and private housing. You can enjoy many exclusive services and amenities, while the prices are not too high as landed properties.

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