Overview of River Valley neighborhood

River Valley is a planning area based in Singapore’s Central Region. It shares the same border with Singapore River to the south, Tanglin to the west, Museum to the east, and Orchard to the North. Covering an area of 1.48 km2, the region is currently divided into five subzones, including Paterson, Oxley, One Tree Hill, Leonie Hill, and Institution Hill.

With the proximity to the central area, River Valley is a popular option for those people who want a cosmopolitan, apartment-style, inner-city living. The residential areas in River Valley include a lot of private properties which are constructed for high-income households in Singapore. In addition, the area is a famous spot for food lovers.

River Valley is known as a premium planning area in Singapore with a variety of infrastructures and facilities to meet different needs. There are up to four hospitals and many clinics in the neighborhood which can provide advanced treatments 24 hours. In terms of education, the area is full of international schools due to a large number of expats living there. While there is no MRT station in River Valley, local people can access these nearby facilities quickly.

Types of housing in River Valley

Just like other planning areas in Singapore, there are three main types of house in River Valley.

– Public-private hybrids

Since the town has a large number of well-heeled residents and expatriates, luxury condominiums are the most popular type of housing in River Valley. These buildings are often located in good areas which are near major train stations or bus stations. Also, there are many special services and facilities to meet the increasing demands of the residents. The flats often have more than two bedrooms and some other spaces to accommodate a family with multiple generations.

– Private housing

As a premium planning area, private housing is also quite common in River Valley. This type of housing is ideal for those people who what to enjoy the ultimate freedom and exclusive services, private housing is the best option. They are typically one, two, or three-story structure with a large garden or yard. Thus, the prices are extremely high. Private housing can be categorized into many kinds such as conversation houses, terrace houses, shop houses, bungalow, townhouses, or cluster houses.

– Public HDB

Unlike other areas, the number of public housing neighborhoods is quite limited in River Valley. Most of these buildings are constructed a few decades ago. That’s why most of the residents in HDB flats are old couples or multi-generation households.

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