Overview of Rochor neighborhood

Rochor is a planning area based in the Central Area of Singapore’s Central Region. It shares the same border with the Downtown Core and Museum in the south, Newton in the west, and Kallang in the east and north. Currently, it is divided into 10 different subzones, including Victoria, Sungei Road, Selegie, Rochor Canal, Mount Emily, Mackenzie, Little India, Kampong Glam, Farrer Park, and Bencoolen. As of 2017, there are approximately 13,500 residents in the area.

Rochor is mostly known as the district of entertainment, education, culture, and budding arts in Singapore. There are two major shopping centers in the town: the Verge and Tekka Center. Opened in 2003, the Verge is the largest and first modern shopping center at Little India with a variety of facilities and services to serve local residents and tourists. Tekka Center is quite small, but it features different Indian meals, vegetables, and seafood in different stalls.

The Rochor MRT station is the main route for people in the area. It links the North East Line and the East West Line along Bukit Timah corridor, which serves commercial areas in Little India’s south.

Types of housing in Rochor

Rochor is a highly developed planning area with a large number of people and housing projects. Basically, there are three main types of house in this area:

– HDB flats or public housing

HDB flats are very popular in Rochor, just like other areas, because they are extremely affordable and easily accessible for most people. Regulated and subsidized by the Housing and Development Board, these flats are often available in different forms to accommodate different parts of societies. In general, the quality is high with many included services and facilities in the community.

– Private housing

Another common type in this planning area is private housing. It is a popular option for wealthy couples and expats who want to have the ultimate privacy and freedom in their properties. There are often different stories, up to three with a large yard or garden. Therefore, the prices are undoubtedly much higher than public flats. There are many kinds of private housing, such as terrace houses, conversation houses, cluster houses, shop houses, bungalow, or town houses.

– Public-private hybrids

This is a mix of public and private properties. These buildings are often located in center areas which are near main train stations or bus stations. The flats typically come with more than two bedrooms and a few other spaces to accommodate any household with multiple generations. Also, there are many special services and facilities to meet the increasing demands of the residents.

Why part time maid servicing is needed in Rochor?

It might feel odd to hire someone just to clean your house, a simple task that you would do on your own. However, there are actually many benefits of having your household chores done by a professional cleaning service. Let’s see.

– A really clean and healthy space

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– Do whatever you want

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– No supplies or solutions to purchase and store

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